Lose yourself in a sea of vibrant lights as you tap along to your favorite electronic music.


MusicWave is one of my first projects. It's a rhythm game centralized around EDM with a high skill ceiling and beautiful visuals.

The project was greenlit over four years ago, just a few months before Steam removed the greenlight feature. I decided to take a step back from the project because my programming skills weren't quite ready for the scope I imagined. However, I am much more experienced now and ready to tackle the original plan for MusicWave.


I like to call MusicWave the Guitar Hero of EDM. The vision first came to me while tapping my favorite Monstercat songs on my lap in a long car ride. When I got home, I began creating the project.

The mechanics combine Guitar Hero's score multiplier and starpower meter with accuracy measurements from other rhthym games. The result rewards players for not only maintaining streak, but hitting notes down to the hundreth of a second. The goal is to create a large skill ceiling so players can always improve.

Custom Tracks

I want MusicWave to have a strong community which is why the game fully supports custom tracks. Players can create, share, and play other's songs. Is your favorite EDM song not in the game? Just create a song chart for it and upload it for the world to play!

More about custom tracks here.

For Music Creators

Want your song to be a part of the game?

Contact me at

with a demo and if it fits into the game's main tracklist I'll include it with your permission!

Current Partners

These are the talented artist you'll find in the game! Big thanks to them and their help.

  • Sub.Sound
  • Miza
  • SnailGuy
  • IDFK
  • Vapor Cruise
  • Mindlessfate
  • Penumbrous
  • Arc North
  • sacuna

Join the Conversation

The best place to see updates is through following my twitter.

I highly recommend you join the game's subreddit. Feel free to post questions or recommendations here. It's a good step to building a stong community